Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Red Stays

I realized at some point this week that I don't have and essential part of my September 11th garb anymore - my red bodice. Every year, at the Renn Fest, I wear a blue linen skirt, a white smock, and a red bodice. The red bodice I wore last year survived the it's last day last year. So, a new bodice it was!

I found the perfect scraps in my scrap pile -a piece of silk that was just big enough for a bodice and a piece of red cotton that was the exact same color. The cotton was big enough for a lining fabric as well as just enough bias trim. Woohoo! Scrap pile win!


This is the pattern I used over the red silk. The pattern is my own.

Renaissance 014

The bodice once it was finished.

Renaissance 016

The inside of the bodice. You can see all the boning channels here.

I wore it today and there are a couple of issues. I need to add more eyelets -which I've done now- and I need to redesign the armscye because the front boning was pressing into my underarms which is not fun. I just need to cut it down a bit and it will be fine. I've already taken out the bones that were there.