Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Not Really Missing in Action

Before I get to the dress post, I wanted to explain why I haven't been posting this year.  Some of you already know but, I'm in Grad School.  It is eating up every last bit of free time I could possibly have.  I'm going for my Master's in Digital Forensics.  Hopefully, this time next year, I will be DONE.  

Second, it's Lent!   I'm doing the medieval Lenten thing again and have been eating a TON of olives, almonds, and rice.  I also have had a lot of salmon, various types of beans, and onions.  I'm mostly going with things I know that are quick to make because...grad school and work.

Third, the Francaise Dinner!   I made a new stomacher and petticoat for myself.  I didn't put trim on either because I just didn't have time.   I also finally finished my Mom' dress, which I'd like to share.

My sister in law is on the left in the green dress I made her last year. My Mom is on the right. I originally made this gown for her a few years ago but the shoulders were all wonky. I managed to take the shoulders, sleeves, and trim apart and correct the issue pretty easily. The sleeves just needed a gore to make those come out okay and the shoulders just needed to be let out a bit because I had a weird pintuck at the front. Once it was all done, Mom got to wear her pretty new dress, finally.

It's based on the dress above that Mom just fell in love with.  I didn't get to do the petticoat trim - not enough fabric- but I do think I got reasonably close to the inspiration image.  The extant gown is from the 1780's.  Mom wanted something with long sleeves and blue.  The above fit her qualifications.  :-)

I'll post my new stomacher and petticoat when I add trim to the stomacher.