Monday, January 9, 2012

Williamsburg 12th Night

12thnightwilliamsburg 001

My new stays! Since last time I posted, I've been slowly, painfully, working on a new pair of stays. My old ones really, really ripped beyond repair. Do not make bias tape out of lightweight silk. It doesn't do well.

This time, I used blue canvas, lavender cotton bias tape, and lavender thread. It didn't take long after I was wearing this that the lavender thread broke along one of the seams. Luckily, it's a clean break and I can just double up on thread and add more bias tape to the seam.

Each piece of the stays is bound in bias tape and then stitched together using a whip stitch. I then cover that with either hem tape or single fold bias tape.

12thnightwilliamsburg 128

My dress was the same as last year, just with a different trim arrangement. The trim is actually red silk strips that I ironed the edges of under and then pleated the strips to the skirt and neckline. I hand sewed those to the gown (covering a lot of the machine sewing). I hope to add more of the red silk to the petticoat later on and to maybe make this dress polonaise.

12thnightwilliamsburg 025

12th Night itself was a lot of fun. The outfits were amazing and the food was scrumptious.

12thnightwilliamsburg 022

Each of these lemony shortbread cookies were created using reproduction 17th, 18th, and 19th century stamps. They were delicious as were the ginger butterscotch cookies.

12thnightwilliamsburg 076

This is Barbee with her daughter, Anne. I think her husband was holding their twin son, William, at this point. I apologize for the blurriness of the photos. I didn't like using flash given that it detracted far more from the atmosphere of the 18th c than my pink camera hidden on a table or in my hand did. :-)

12thnightwilliamsburg 117

Late in the evening, we had this visitor. He was actually a pretty big cat (I ended up holding him at one point because he wanted to go into the bedroom of someone who was allergic to him - of course!) but very friendly.

Overall, the party was good. There was only one obnoxious drunk (which, given about 50 or 60 people, all of whom are drinking wine and punch, really isn't bad at all). The dancing was fabulous and I loved the music. One lady and gentleman did a wonderful duet for our delight. I found some cabernet sauvignon that had cinnamon and nutmeg in it. It was good! I also found lemonade which was very popular. Mostly, I sat around and took pictures because me and dancing do not mix. I did have fun talking with people and I saw a ton of lovely gowns and outfits.

The next day (I crashed the moment we got back to the hotel), Steph, her mom Linda, Betty, and I went to a couple of antique stores before parting ways. There are a ton of antique stores around Williamsburg that all look really good. However, I really wanted to get out into town and take some pictures like this:

12thnightwilliamsburg 136

The gate to the governor's Palace!

The day was *gorgeous*. It was about 48 but it felt about 55 in the sun. There were a lot of people out walking their dogs because it was such a mild day. I had fun just going into the stores - snarking with a re-enactor, an older fashionable lady, and myself. (Thou shalt not wear spandex if you are over 200lbs and/or 45!) A lady came into one shop after me with her two children. The "shopkeeper" asked where they were from and she said "Washington DC". Curious, I asked which part. She said Chevy Chase. I smiled and told her where my parents lived and she smiled back. She lives almost exactly a mile and a half away! Yet another small world moment.

12thnightwilliamsburg 204

I went into the jail, which I haven't had the chance to do before. It was actually pretty interesting. It's also sad that the jail cells are bigger than my entire first floor. I guess they kept them crowded though...

12thnightwilliamsburg 214

This is the back of one of my favorite extant 18th C garments. It's black for one thing -something that seems rare in the 18th C- and it's colorful! Very polychrome.

12thnightwilliamsburg 231

This dollhouse was amazing! See the little mouse near the back sofa leg? There were tons of details like that in this HUGE dollhouse. (By huge, I mean I think this thing was about 4 feet high by 10 feet long. Huge.)

12thnightwilliamsburg 237

18th Century Turkish Lady print inside the dollhouse.

I have a LOT more photos of everything (the party, Williamsburg, ect) up at

The photos aren't all the best but hopefully y'all will enjoy them. Feel free to ask questions or comment!


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