Sunday, November 16, 2014

So Delicious Egg Nog versus Silk Egg Nog

Last year, I found So Delicious Egg Nog and loved it. This year, I found not just So Delicious but Silk has a dairy free egg nog! Nom! As I can't have about 90% of the holiday treats I used to have without some modification, I was overjoyed to find not one but two egg nogs. I've missed having that spicy creamy holiday drink and I'm so glad to be able to have a choice in which one I might partake in. Both are non-alcoholic but that's easy to change. ;-)

In trying to figure out which one I like better, I first compared the ingredients. Silk scores in having fewer calories, less fat, lower sodium, and even a trace of iron in comparison to So Delicious. Granted, it's all by very small amounts. Neither are "good" for you unlike, say, a celery stick. But who wants a celery stick?

In terms of color, the So Delicious looked more like traditional egg nog. The Silk egg nog was a brighter yellower color that doesn't come out quite in the pictures. Silk is on the right and So delicious is on the left.

The Silk basically tastes like spicy milk - it's by no means bad but the texture is more watery than creamy. There is a bit of a chalky after taste but it's not horrible.

The So Delicious does have a coconut taste to it due to it being with coconut milk but it's not overpowering. It's far better in terms of texture - much creamier and almost to the consistency of real egg nog. The spice in it is pretty good and, overall, it tastes like a decent egg nog.

Of the two I much prefer the So Delicious but I wouldn't pass up the Silk either.


  1. Have you ever thought of turning it into ice cream?

    1. Lol! I suppose I could! BTW, I need your email. Mine is isabelladangelo at gmail dot com

    2. Okay no problem. I'll email it to you. :D