Monday, December 4, 2017

Pinterest found recipe: Ham and Potato Soup

Sorry for the sideway photo!  I took it with my phone.  Anyway, I baked a ham on Saturday.  Ham is ridiculously cheap at the Commissary (a little over $7 for a 4lb ham!) right now.  Since I've discovered I like cooking one big meal a week and then using that to make "leftover" meals, getting ham and thinking of all the wonderful dishes like fried ham or ham and potato soup sounded like a very good idea. 

However, I needed a recipe for ham and potato soup since I hadn't made it before.  I found this one on pinterest and, oh my goodness, it's creamy deliciousness!   I didn't modify it much (I added salt and didn't add the red pepper; also used about half the amount of cheese, pre shredded) because I was curious how it would turn out.  It's basically taking a bunch of leftovers and throwing them into a pot.  It's super simple to make and who doesn't like a big bowl of soup or stew in winter?

So, now I have ham and potato soup for the next few days and I also have a couple more slices of ham to fry up.  :-)


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