Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Simple skirt for work

skirt 001

I was told today at 3:30 pm that I was to attend a briefing tomorrow at another agency's building. Given that a) I always wear something I've made to a briefing and b) I had a total of one afternoon/evening in which to plan something new, I went with simple is best. I got out my scraps of black velvet, my muslin, and some pretty black trim that I can't for the life of me remember why I got it in the first place.

I couldn't wear any of my old skirts I've made to the briefing (I've already worn one of them twice this month!) and I couldn't wear the dress I just made this week (I wore that to a briefing on Monday!), so I wanted something new. The scraps of black velvet were just enough to inch out a half circle skirt (hand drafted while waiting for American Idol to come on), a waistband, and pieces to lengthen the skirt. The lower part is actually additional scraps that I pieced together so the skirt was a bit longer than a mere 19" from my waist. To hide the piecing seam, I added the trim.


  1. Wow..that's amazing for having so little time to actually work on it!

  2. Oops, the link on this picture didn't get switched! Just found you through The Dreamstress, read a few posts and decided to tackle your archive; I'm really looking forward to 2 whole years of your projects.

    1. Opps! Thank you so much for letting me know. I'll go back through all the posts probably early next week and see what got transferred and what didn't. This one should be fixed in the next few minutes. :-)

    2. Yep, it works now. :)
      Great skirt, I really like it paired with the coral jacket. (Why do we call that color coral, anyway? Corals have so many beautiful colors...)