Sunday, April 17, 2011

All in a Sunday Afternoon....almost!

Only a little bit of sewing in this post! I started on my dining room wall today. You see, my dining room wall originally looked like this:


The faux wood wall? It had a price tag from Hechinger's on the other side when I took it down. I'm pretty sure that they went out of business last century. I have no doubt the faux wood was from the early 1990's at the very latest. I would say 1970's but the color that greeted me beneath it screams 1985.


It the aqua/turquoise color had been consistent, I honestly doubt I would have bothered to repaint. However, the brick like pattern is actually from where the glue that was helping to hold up the faux wood tore off, revealing the very lovely most-likely-lead-paint layer beneath. What looks like cream is really a lovely blush pink. Beneath that was a wedgewood blue and beneath that was another cream. No, I have zero idea why about a fifth of the wall is a yellow ivory shade. The very odd thing is that that is the closest to the window so it wasn't like the previous owner could have had anything semi-permanent up there unless she liked blocking the window.

After I chauked up all the nail holes (there were a TON because they used picture nails to put up the faux wood and painted over them so I couldn't see where they were. It was interesting taking that stuff down...), I sanded down the wall and taped it off...and waited.

You see, the lovely table you see in the photos actually belongs to my brother. About the time I thought about making black slip covers for the chairs, he decided he was going to move out and get his own apartment. He didn't/doesn't live with me -it was just easier for me to keep it for him while he was at Mom and Dad's going to Law School than to bother with a storage place. Having Sis use it is a lot cheaper. :-)

So, I figured I'd wait until he got the table since it would be a heck of a lot easier to paint and live while the paint dried without the table and chairs in the way. He got the table Tuesday and I think I did all the prep work about three weeks ago or so? I'm not sure. I took the faux wood wall down in late Feb/early March so it's been a while.

Anyway, I waited until this week and finally got the painting done!

Dining room wall

See? Sorry for the bad picture, I lost my camera. Again. I'm not sure where it is this time.

So, on to other news. After painting the wall, I took the weeds out of the yard, mowed the front yard, and dyed cloth! I was going to use the turquoise silk I had from an old gown on my Elizabethan Surcote, but I think it will look far more fabulous with the purple Elizabethan Jacket I'm planning the summer. Purple wool with turquoise silk lining? Squee!

Finding nothing to my liking or a lot of fabrics that just weren't wide enough, I decided to dye some of the gazillion yards of medium weight white linen I have. (People just give me this stuff, I swear!) With the black velvet and silver embroidery of the surcote, I thought red would make an awesome lining. So, I bought two of the dye packets at the store shrimp. No, really; it's coral pink shrimp colored linen now.

Fabric color

I think I'll still use it but it's not the color I was hoping for. I used two packets of the scarlet dye, salt, and only put five ish yards in so I'm not sure how it ended up...shrimp. But that's the color I got! Now, to go put the pattern pieces down and see what it looks like together!


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