Friday, April 8, 2011

Regency Gown Finished!

Regency Dress 007
The pleated back of the dress! This was before I attached it, of course, but pleating it was interesting. The measurements for the pleats were different than what I'm use to since I wasn't making a full skirt, just two thirds of one!
Regency Dress 008
I tried on the gown over modern clothing before I put the sleeves on. Apparently my "ghost" approved (the white mark near my neck; for the past few months I've been getting orbs in my photos....)! The dress is low cut but, based on the pictures of the time, dresses were low cut then -then just filled them in with the chemise and fichu.
Regency Dress 021

I'm sorry the picture is so blurry! And the sewing room so messy right now. :-/ The back of the dress looks really neat with the ties.
Regency Dress 025
The front of the gown's picture didn't come out much better than the back. Hopefully this will give you an idea of what the gown looks like.
I lost my stays. Luckily, the pattern is very simple and I can make a new pair tonight (via sewing machine!)along with the new chemise for the dress. I plan on using regular old muslin for the chemise and some of the blue brocade I have for the stays.
Any comments or suggestions?


  1. Very pretty! What a great color. Have fun at the tea this weekend!

  2. @marcine
    Thank you! I'll be able to get better pictures of it this weekend at the tea.