Sunday, June 12, 2011

My latest Regency Gown

While I've been working like mad on everything for Under the Redcoat (I need to make mine and Mom's outfits!), I did squeeze in a new Regency era gown. This one is in the style of about 1803~1804. The bodiced petticoat is out of purple silk. The overdress is out of off white cotton voile. I wore my blue stays and a Regency styled chemise beneath the gown...and gray boots!

The picture is stolen from Maggie (thanks, Maggie!) since I forgot to take any of myself. The skirt is embroidered with white cotton cord down the front and around the entire hem line. I bought that material off of etsy a while ago along with another piece, both of which are about 3 yards, because they did look lovely and are easy to make into skirts. The hard part was finding a "vanilla" NOT white matching sheerish cotton to make the bodice out of. I found it recently on ebay and went about making this dress on Thursday. :-)


  1. How pretty! I love pre-Regency dresses.

  2. @Mimic of Modes Thank you! It's loosely based of a few fashion plates from about 1802-1809. One of the ones that helped a lot in getting this gown created was this fashion plate from 1803 as seen on Dames a la mode's tumblr blog.