Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Under the Redcoat

As anyone following me on LJ knows, I've been going nuts trying to get a ton of outfits done by this past weekend. I did it. Here's the photographic evidence:

Just read the caption on flickr to figure out that one. It was worn the first day we were there.

I swore there was one of me wearing my tan and pink striped round gown but I can't find it now. I wore it Saturday. It needs pink linen trim around the neckline, badly, because I'm only a shade lighter than the tan!

On Sunday, I wore this:


Originally, I wanted a red velvet belt to go with it but I couldn't find my belt buckle...until we got to Williamsburg. By then, I didn't have access to red velvet! Oh well, next time.


Ignore my face in this picture. I look like I swallowed a bee and ate a blueberry. I re did the trim on the pink dress...again. This is the third time. I think I finally like it. It looks right with this style dress. Now, to make sure I don't swallow a bee or a blueberry next time I wear it....

Mom's outfits:

I can't find any pictures of Mom wearing her brown striped dress although she liked that one.
Summer 2011 162


Mom and me. No, I have no idea what we were looking at. Probably the campfire...or Ice Cream making!


Mom's green silk dress. It needs a bit of work but she loved it. It's going to be her Halloween outfit. Now to get Dad to be the headless horseman!


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