Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The Vampire Dress!   I threw the veil over the headless, broken, dress dummy just to show the color contrast.   I'll do a full write up for the Historical Fortnightly (Doctor Who is historical!  ...Yeah, I know.  But this dress actually does follow the lines of the back lacing 1580's gowns enough that I can easily wear it again without the blue veil.)   The sleeves are pinned on in the photo - I'll add lacing rings tomorrow.  The insides are not sewn up yet.  My dress dummy is broken and doesn't have hips which is why it looks very long waisted.  It's not.  

More pictures tomorrow when it's completely done - I just wanted photographic evidence that it was in dress form before midnight...although it's after midnight now when I'm posting.  ;-)

Eh, it works.

This will be so much fun to walk in for opening ceremonies on Saturday!


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