Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A New Dress Form? Not so much

With the help of my Mom, I thought I could get a duct tape dummy of me and have a lovely dress form so I could drape stuff....

Yeah no.

It ended up so bad that my Mom and I were laughing hysterically and Mom told me she'd buy me a new dress form as an early Christmas gift.   Here is the full story:

  Meet Picaso.   Picaso is the finished project of myself being draped into a trash bag and my Mom attempting to use Duct Tape.   The duct tape kept sticking to itself because Mom simply couldn't keep the tape in a straight line and then we'd have to cut the ends off before even getting the duct tape onto the trash was a half hour mess.
 The back with apparent back boobage.  I didn't realize I had that much fat back there.  (I don't.  What was going on is I have to keep moving my arms to help Mom put the duct tape on me which caused my shoulder blades to fill out the back more...and Mom to tape more and you get...c cups in the back.)
 And a curved spine! 
 Seriously, this is the back.
....a really curved spine.
 So, I thought to myself, maybe this project could be salvaged.  Maybe, just maybe, I might be able to cut it up, make a pattern from it - ignore seam allowances since it was clear it was way too big (every time I'd shift my weight, there would be a huge gap between me and the duct taped trashbag.  I know what the issue was and, next time, Mom is just going to have to stand on a stool!)
 The pieces.  I had cut the duct tape pieces to force them to lie flat, traced around them, and got...this.
 This is what the pieces looked like before they were stuffed but after they were sewn up. 
And the finished dress dummy that is still WAY too big!   It's actually a good two sizes bigger than my actual measurements.  Anyone need a lovely pink and purple homemade size 14 (jeans size, not sewing pattern size) dress dummy?


  1. Fabric stretches, and the ductape will be larger on the outside than the body it encases. This is why you got something larger.

    1. Although that is true, it's not the entire problem in this case. Each of the measurements were well over 2" bigger around with Picasso. Also, when I traced the pieces, I didn't add any seam allowance - this should have adjusted the dummy for all the air/duct tape size difference. It still is two sizes too big.

      What really happened is that I automatically "slouch" when I'm around my Mom. She claims she's 5'3", I'm 5' 7". In order to see eye to eye, I have to slouch - and it's an automatic thing. Of course, when I do that, my back curves (back boobage!) and it forces the weight in the front to shift as well. Adding that Mom wasn't pulling the tape tight enough end up with something way too big. ;-)

      Oh well, at least I'm getting a new dress form out of a plus side one in a very lovely pink and purple pattern.