Monday, December 29, 2014

Stuff I made for Christmas

Okay, Mom's knit dresses first.  They pretty basic.  She really wanted a dress for Saint Kitts.  Something simple but easy to dress up or down.  She loves blues so I went with both an aqua knit and a purply blue knit.  The pattern is one of my favorite patterns for my work dresses - I think it's a McCalls.  I've used it at least 7 or 8 times now.  For her, I edited it and made it a petite size.

Da nephews!  I made them the ultimate medieval dress up trunk.  I knitted "dirty" chainmail, a new "chainmail" coif, and sewed up a silk tunic as well as a linen parti colored tunic.  The Jester outfit (blue and gold linen) is H/A for the 14th Century - although it is machine sewn and not handsewn.  The silk tunic is made in the same style.  I also made a leather "crown" so they could play king.  

For my SIL, I knitted a chunky green scarf and a pair of fingerless mittens.  Unfortunately, no pictures of those.


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