Saturday, January 3, 2015

1940's Cropped Jacket

I really needed a jacket to go with the 1940's dress after I chopped the sleeves short.  It's January after all and, above the equator, that means it's cold.  Like 37F and raining cold.  Short sleeves aren't going to cut it.

So, my first came from Wearing History with a post on boleros.  I also saw this as a children's pattern that I loved:
There is also a super cute yellow ensamble from the late 1930's that I really liked the jacket too as well.  

So, with that, I began to search for a simple jacket pattern I already had that would work well as a block since I had three hours (I didn't wake up until 10 AM!) to make a something.   I found an old, out of print pattern that would work well.  It's McCalls 8155 and the jackets are so 1990's it's not even funny.  Why I ever even bought this pattern is a bit beyond me.  However, because they are so straight in cut, it works really well as a block to work from and edit.

On the left side is my edit with the darts.  On the right side is the original view D pattern.   Believe it or not, I didn't have to edit the sleeve at all - it was already puffy for a perfect late 30's/early 40's look.  I ended up lining the jacket in some gray silk I had in the stash.

Overall, I'm pleased with the outfit.  I went with the purple white combo because it's something I can wear year around (And to work!) without looking overly Christmasy.


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