Thursday, September 24, 2015

Apple Picking Time!

Every year I go apple picking in the fall to gather up the apples I'll need over the winter and early spring. This year, I went to Homestead Farm again and ended up with a little over 30 lbs of apples in about five minutes. There were just a ton of apples on each tree, ready to be picked. I loved it. My Mom, who came with me, did too. :-)

The day was gorgeous out. I ended up going for a few Suncrisps and many more Enterprise apples. Both are extremely modern apples but finding anywhere that sells the period correct varieties is next to impossible. Plus, these are good apples. :-)

I'm going to start the freezing process over the weekend, probably Sunday, so I'll have all the apples I need. I *might* even try to find a period canning recipe this year and can a few of them. We'll see!


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