Friday, September 18, 2015

Changing Perceptions of Beauty

I saw this wax bust up on ebay a few days ago and had to share it.  Normally, in the 21st Century, when we hear about "changing perceptions of beauty", the articles focus on things like body type, weight, or even hair styles.  Rarely do they focus on the actual facial features.  However, I think this bust shows how dramatically our perception of what beauty is has changed.

Another one I found on Ruby Lane from the same era also shows how vastly our perceptions have changed.

What do I mean when I say "changed"?   Well, for one thing, both of the wax figures look happy.  They are both smiling.  They have expressions rather than the blank void of emotion catwalk models we see today - or the faceless mannequins in the store.  There skin is pale but it has color to it - a pinkish tint to the blond bust and a more sallow look to the brunette.  Still, both are beautiful.  They aren't covered in make-up - to me, it looks like a light bit of lipstick and a hint of blush - it's more natural. Like they've just come in from a cool fall day.  It more real than what I've seen at Fashion Week this year.

Maybe, some day, we'll be able to get back to the smiling, happy faces with little to no make up being fashionable.  


  1. I'm in historical fashion shows quite often, and we always ask the ladies to smile. No pouty faces. A Fashion Week of Days Gone By.