Thursday, April 18, 2013

Squee! A new to us 12th Century Cookbook!

Oldest European Medieval Cookbook Found

I would highly suggest reading the article. It's fascinating. Basically, a cookbook from about 1140 was found in Durham Cathedral in the UK. This is lovely since, previously, the oldest Medieval (ie, not Roman) cookbook is from 1290! According to the SCA cooks list, someone was able to get in touch with Giles Gasper, lecturer in medieval history at Durham. Here is his reply:

"Dear Katherine, Thanks you very much indeed for your message, and we're pretty excited bythe news as well. We are planning to publish a cookbook based on therecipes, hopefully within the calendar year, and a scholarly paper on themanuscript context. The event will be covered, I hope, in the BBC HistoryMagazine. I will try and arrange for video as well - I'm sure the mediadepartment can rustle something up. All best wishes, Giles Gasper"

Awesome! I can't wait!


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