Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Dress Project!

Easter Dress

I apologize that the picture isn't the best.  My Mom apparently thought that my camera belonged in the passenger door side pocket and not on the passenger seat sometime before Easter.  :-)  (I only found the camera this morning!)  So, I had to take a picture with my camera phone. 

The dress is made out of a pillowcase and king sized flat sheet.  It's hard to tell, but I also added red netting to the hem to help make it puff out a bit. 

I bought the pillowcase and flat sheet from a department store clearance sale a couple of years ago.  The fitted sheet was missing so they discounted the sheets down to $9.99, I think.  It was something reasonable for roughly 4 yards of fabric.  I loved the print and thought it would make an awesome retro looking dress.  (Side Note:  When Mom found out what the material originally was, she muttered "Scarlett O'hara" and something about a curtain dress.  Hehehe)

The skirt is just a giant, one piece, circle skirt.  There isn't a seam so I had to cut the front of the skirt down about six inches so I could get into the dress.  I faced the opening with a couple of scraps from cutting out the bodice.

The bodice is lined in the same fabric.  The straps are red cotton from the scrap pile.   The bodice itself didn't come out as perfectly as I hoped and is a bit wonky - the problem with making your own patterns- but the red cardigan hid the worst offending aspects. 

The buttons down the front are gold with rhinestones.  I really want to switch them out for red buttons but I didn't have any red buttons on hand.   And I finished the dress on Holy Saturday.  ;-)

All and all, I'm pretty pleased with how it came out.  It was comfy and I have enough fabric still leftover to redo the bodice. 

On the food side of life:

I'm eating chocolate eggs, chocolate peanut butter cups, and drinking soda.   I'm so happy Lent is over!  And yes, I'll probably think that doing the medieval Lent again next year will be a brilliant idea. 

Oh, I even made bread last night with active fast rising yeast rather than my starter.  That was being totally 21st Century...well, the Ikea bread pan I used was at least 21st.  I love that thing.   Far better than just sticking the bread on a cookie sheet and trying to make sandwiches out of very round, very dense bread. 

The bread I made with yeast is quite good and makes for an excellent Turkey sandwich.   The recipe:

About a tablespoon or so of fast rising yeast.  Mix it with another tablespoon or so of warm water and let it sit for a bit.  (I had just taken it out of the fridge so the poor dear needed to warm up!)

About a teaspoon of onion salt.

A tablespoon ish of basil infused olive oil (Rosemary infused works well too!)

A tablespoon of wildflower local honey (Pepper honey from the Bee Folks works really well too)

A large couple of pinches of basil

A pinch of rosemary

A few shakes of parsley

And then mix all that up before adding the three ish cups of whole wheat flour.  You might have to add some water to the mix to get it good and doughy.  Kneed and let it sit in a bowl for about an hour or until the dog whines at you and the cat starts hissing at the fridge because the towel above the bowl has moved!  

Kneed again and throw it into said Ikea bread pan.

After another hour or so, preheat the oven to 380 F/400C.  Cook for about 35 min. 

Yes, it's not exact.  I'm doing all this by sight and not really by the book anymore.  Feel free to play with it.   The bread itself is yummy and it tastes like it would be delightful for buttered toast but since I can't have butter, grr, it's Turkey sandwiches for me!


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