Thursday, March 28, 2013

Maudy Thursday!

I went to mass at 11 am and immediately made a b-line for our little convenience store at work afterwards. I really wanted a soda. I was going to get two sodas but I saw our lovely convenience store had created a gluten free section. I, myself, am not gluten free but have found that many gluten free foods tend to a)be more natural and c) not have corn. I saw dark chocolate peanut butter cups. I checked. No dairy. Woohoo! I *had* to get those because, now that the medieval diet is over thanks to it be post- Thursday mass, I was so having them.

A soda and peanut butter cups was exactly what I needed.

And the peanut butter sandwich. And olives. And chocolate covered peanuts.

Lunch was awesome.

I ended up getting a throwback Pepsi later because, again, it was very much needed.

Tonight, once I get home, it will be black eyes peas for dinner. Although the medieval Church rules were different, in the modern Church, as long as the meat isn't the main part of the meal, it's acceptable on "fish" days (like tomorrow). So, using a meat based broth to cook rice or beans is perfectly acceptable since it's meant to flavor and not be the meal within itself -the rice or beans are the meal. So, using bacon to flavor the peas should be fine. And yummy!

Saturday, I'm going to finish up my Easter Dress and go shopping with Mom. My Easter Dress, hopefully, will be in the style of the 1950's out of cherry printed bedsheets I bought at a discount store a couple of years ago. We'll see how it turns out but I always like the idea of using unconventional items to make neat looking things. That, and the bedsheets were cheap. I will add red netting to the hem of the dress.


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