Monday, March 18, 2013

Last week of the Lent diet

Today was hummus, flat bread, and my raisin/walnut mix. This is pretty much what I've been eating since my work schedule is completely crazy. Mondays - like today- I have to be into work by 7:00 - preferably by 6:00- leave by 3 for my 8 hours, get home (3:30), change (4:00), attempt to find something to eat(4:30), and then run to class by 5:15 so I can be at the 6:00 pm class on time. The class runs until 9:30 and I'm lucky if I'm home by 10. A medieval person wouldn't have had to deal with this - or, if they did, someone else would cook!

I might go sneak some olives. I did have a peppermint stick earlier.

Palm Sunday is the last day of Lent but that doesn't mean you really break out everything immediately. I will start buying sodas again and eating PB&J next week because that's all I really want until Easter - in which I will be gobbling down potatoes, meat, and overdosing on chocolate bars.

The main things I've learned thus far this lent is that honey is okay for the medieval lenten diet and that chickpeas are period for Europe. Both made it a lot easier to find reasonable foods a Renaissance Italian woman might have recognized.

Tomorrow, I should have time to cook some fish - yummy!- and then make some bread for Wednesday.


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