Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Food and Sewing over the past week

Mom's dress is done! Yay! I'll get pictures on Saturday of both Mom in her dress and myself in mine. Mine is still somewhat in pieces - the back is done, the bodice is attached but I still have to do sleeves and trim on my Francaise.

Good thing today is a snow day.

Food: I've been eating olives, bread, raisins, walnuts, and raisins a lot. I made some whole wheat bread last night which is rather sweet. I might have some toast and jam with tea for breakfast. Because my diet has been rather boring, I haven't been blogging about it. I had rice and peas last night which actually involved a microwave. I haven't been cooking because I've had to sew. Next week, I should start cooking again and that will mean odd fish recipes and rather random attempts a apple pie. I did buy actual chickpeas and sesame seeds to try and re-create the 14th C Italian recipe for Lenten chickpeas (ie, hummus). The word "sesanime" constantly comes up and, based upon the recipes as well as the Italian language, I'm thinking it's crushed sesame seeds. The words are very close (sesame in modern Italian is just sesamo) and the way the ingredient is being use, sesame would make sense. I promise more on it later but it really is the only thing I can think up that makes sense.


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