Monday, March 25, 2013

Food Post

Sunday, I had a lovely pot roast with super yummy potatoes and carrots at my parents' house with 2 of my three brothers, my very beloved sister in law, and all three nephews. It was delicious. And I came to a realization - I wanted the potatoes and could care less about the meat. Not that it wasn't good -it was- but I think not having a lot of bread the past week and really going with raisins and almonds made me want a lot of fresh veggies. That, and I really love potatoes - of course, I had a hamburger earlier so that probably cured the need for meat.

Anyway, we had an interesting for this blog discussion: when the heck did Lent end? According to the Church, it ends on Maudy Thursday. According to many protestant faiths, it ends on Easter. According to my Dad, it ends Palm Sunday because that's when Jesus came out of the Desert. Which, yes, makes sense, but doesn't count up to 40 days if we are excluding Sundays. If you count from Ash Wednesday until Holy Thursday, exclude each Sunday, you get a full 40 days. This means I couldn't take home the lovely pot roast for leftover because I still have a few more days of bread, oil, olives, pickles, and apple pie. (Thursday night, by the way, will include cake and black eyes peas -which means BACON-)

Last night, I made some sourdough bread which came out lovely and tastes wonderful. (Oh, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for Friday! Probably with the medieval diet, no peanuts! Gah!) I did try the type of bread I use to buy at the store and it just tastes...fake to me anymore. I didn't like it at all. The homemade bread - with my homemade starter just as they would have used in the middle ages- tastes so much better that I don't think I can ever go back to buying bread. Which is fine. Making your own bread is a lot cheaper too. I can make roughly 10 loaves of bread for the same price I used to pay for just one "artisian" loaf. And at least I'll have food when the zombie apocalypse breaks out. Every one else will be going for the cereals and I'll be loading up the cart with the 10 lb bag of flour and some olive oils. Bread is yummy and is good to have during the zombie apocalypse. ;-)


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