Monday, October 7, 2013

Historical Fortnightly #20 Outerwear

The Challenge: Outerwear
Fabric: Wool and Linen
Pattern:  My own! Based on several extant cardinal cloaks
Year:  1770's - 1780's
Notions: The clasp when I find it...
How historically accurate is it? The cut & fabrics are accurate. However, the "hidden" seams are machine sewn. The visible seams are hand stitched with cotton thread.
Hours to complete: 2, maybe.
First worn: Hopefully this winter
Total cost: The wool fabric was $5.90 at my local thrift store. The linen lining was stash.

I decided the one period I actually tend to have dresses for but no outerwear for was 18th C. I needed a red cardinal cloak like every other American historical costumer between the ages of 9 and 40 ish who also gets giddy about blue gowns and going to balls at the Governors Palace for reasons embedded in our childhood.

The wool I picked up at the thrift store was a nice medium weight and just enough to make a decent half circle cloak. The hood is just two 15" squares sewn together, gathered at the back, and a small oval shaped piece of wool placed over the gathered hole in the back of the hood.

I might make some small changes to the cloak but, overall, it's wearable. I apologize for the photos. I know they are terrible. I just wanted something "up" to prove it was completed before the deadline...and I've lost my camera. Again. As soon as the camera gets found, I'll take better photos. You really don't get the nice brightness of the red wool in the photos.

EDIT: Found the camera. :-) Even took photos outside to have the nice natural lighting.


  1. Wow, what a great deal on the fabric! It looks nice!

    1. Thanks! I was really surprised - I did the burn test and it *might* be a blend but, by the smell, it's wool. :-)