Monday, November 18, 2013


I have just taste tested the bread I made with my new starter.  I had forgotten how good this bread can be!  It's delicious.  This time, I used a bit of brown sugar with some honey for the "sugar" ingredient of the bread (bread requires a sugar, a fat, water, salt, and flour).  Typically, I just use honey but I'm running low as I have taken up being a "need tea" drinker every morning.  I have to wait until Thursday for the local honey store to be open.  Gah!

Anyway, the bread is delicious and I can't wait to use it for jelly sandwiches. 

The starter is doing really well.  It was very bubbly this morning after I fed it more flour.  I tend not to need to add a lot of water - the starter sits right on the fridge above the tea kettle.   Since I have a tendency to "forget" that, oh yeah! Tea kettle is on, a lot of moister builds up...right above the fridge.   Probably not the best way but it struck me as funny.  I couldn't figure out why the starter always looked like it had just a bit too much water until I realized right where all the steam from the tea kettle was going.  Oh...yeah...

At least it makes for a happy starter!

I do need to go get more olive oil as well.  I'm all out of my favorite.  I used the extra virgin olive oil I get at the store for this bread as the fat.   Although it works well, I really love the other olive oils I get at Under the Olive tree.  Which means a trip to Tysons...


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