Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Prep

For me, Thanksgiving dinner actually means everyone else gets to eat and I eat whatever I bring.  This means, I need to cook whatever I want for tomorrow.   I've been asked to bring bread, which is currently rising in the kitchen, but I'd also like to bring sweet potato pudding and apple pie.   So, tonight and tomorrow morning will be lots and lots of cooking!

I finally tried the Soy Pumpkin Spice milk tastes like it would be great in a pumpkin pie but not by itself.  It is very pumpkiny and has a slight chalky aftertaste.  I'm pretty sure the aftertaste wouldn't be noticeable if you mixed the milk with other things.  Might have to make pumpkin pie soon too...

I still love the coconut milk based egg nog.  It is so good!

On the sewing side of life - I need to take pictures of my 1860's Ball gown.  I have some but none are very good.   Maybe when I wear it to the ball in Jan.   This week, I should be working my 1820's corset, my winter coat, and some work clothing for my trip next week.  This weekend will be crazy with all the sewing!


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