Sunday, November 17, 2013

Food Product Review! So Delicious Holiday Drinks

They also have pumpkin spice but I haven't tried that yet.   :-)

So, first, the 'Nog.  My west coast Mom (who is really my cousin and is probably reading this right now!) and I saw the dairy free holiday themed coconut milk at the grocery store.  As we both of dairy allergies, we knew we had to try some.  We decided the eggnog had to be sampled.

It's good.  Very good actually, taste wise.   It tastes exactly how eggnog should - and pretty much how I remember it tasting.  The only slight downside is that it's off texture wise.  That is to be expected, really, but it has a watery texture rather than the super thick texture I'm used to with eggnog.  It doesn't taste the least bit watery but it sort of confuses you as you are drinking it.   Not that it stopped me from drinking it!  I'm definitely buying more.

The mint chocolate tastes great while you are drinking it and has the same texture a 2% chocolate milk does.   However, it has a chalky aftertaste that is a bit off putting.   I'm going to finish the carton but I doubt I'll buy it again. 

Both are also corn free - which is awesome for me.  Or, I didn't see any corn ingredients and I haven't had a reaction so, that's good.  

More 'Nog, please?


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