Monday, December 16, 2013

Historical Fortnightly #25: One Metre

The Challenge: One meter
Fabric: silk dupioni for the lining and silk satin for the main fabric
Pattern:  My own!
Year:  3rd quarter of the 18th Century
Notions: silk thread
How historically accurate is it? 95% because dupioni isn't correct. However, it is hand sewn.
Hours to complete: 3 hours
First worn: hopefully in Feb if not earlier
Total cost: $5. The dupioni was a .5 yard remnant that was 50% off. The silk satin was stash.


I wanted to make something that wasn't an apron or a pair of pockets or a coif or something else I've already done. I've been needing a pair of fingerless mittens - badly- for my gowns and knew it wouldn't take much fabric at all. I don't think it even really took half a meter for both the facing and lining fabrics.

 First, I had to create a pattern since I didn't have a commercial pattern on hand. I basically draped the muslin on my arm and cut off the excess.  I also draped the thumb.
 The rather wonky pattern.  Eh, whatever.  It works.

 Cutting out the rather wonky pattern from the silk satin scrap.

 The finished hand sewn fingerless mitten.  I would show both on but I needed one hand to take the picture and the other hand to show that it actually fit pretty well.

A close up of the folded back mitten to show off the lovely aqua silk dupioni.

Both the mittens on the floor. :-)


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