Thursday, May 15, 2014

HSF #9: Black & White

The Challenge:Black & White
Fabric: I *think* it's a cotton embossed with velvet but it might be linen.
Pattern:  My own!
Year:  1590's ish
Notions: Thread, purple silk lining
How historically accurate is it? The cut is correct and the fabric looks correct - even close up- but it is all machine sewn.
Hours to complete: four or five
First worn: This weekend, hopefully. I'll post much better pictures when I get a chance
Total cost: I think I got the fabric for $15? The silk lining was some violet silk I got to line a work dress a couple of years ago. I *think* it was $25. So somewhere around the $30 range given the amount of fabric I used.

I promise to post more later. I just wanted to get this up. I managed to do this while recovering from the flu - which is not fun. I think I've gotten a total of 5 hours of sleep in the past 72 hours thanks to this stupid cough. I do have to iron the jacket and add the hooks and eyes, admittedly. However, it's in jacket form right now so that counts!

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