Monday, March 2, 2015

Medieval Lenten Diet on Hold

There is one key thing you need to do the medieval diet properly - and that is a fully working kitchen.  Although I probably could run over to the Shepherd's Hut and use the portable stove - I don't really have a safe place to put it in my house right now.

My project of the day - besides sewing- is fixing the kitchen floor.  This meant that both the fridge and the stove had to be moved out of the kitchen.  Although the fridge works fine - it can be plugged in anywhere- the stove can't.  (Different plug and different amps).   Given that the ground is completely frozen - literally, we had an ice storm- I can't go outside and start a fire either.  I don't have a fireplace - one of the many reason I want to sell this place- so...the only thing I have is a microwave oven.  ...Which isn't very good at cooking medieval food.

For the next two days, I'm going to stick to the general rules (no meat) but I'm also going to have a pb&j and some root beer.  :-)


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