Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Medieval Salmon Dinner

14th Century French Fresh Salmon recipe:

Fresh salmon. Smoked (keep the chine for roasting), cut into steaks, and then cooked in water; [add] some wine and salt while cooking; eaten with Yellow Pepper [Sauce] or Cameline [Sauce]. Some dry it again (for eating) on the grill. In a pie (if you wish) powdered with spices; eaten with Cameline [Sauce].

If it is salted: cooked in water without salt; eaten with wine and chopped scallion. 

I cooked it in a 50/50 mix of red wine and salt water because it's frozen.  ;-p   

Honestly, it just sounded like it would go better with the Cameline sauce if I cooked it that way. I set the oven to 390F and cooked it for about 20 minutes since I only have one small steak for me.

The Cameline sauce:

15th Century English version

Sauce gamelyne. Take faire brede, and kutte it, and take vinegre and wyne, & stepe þe brede therein, and drawe hit thorgh a streynour with powder of canel, and drawe hit twies or thries til hit be smoth; and þen take pouder of ginger, Sugur, and pouder of cloues, and cast þerto a litul saffron and let hit be thik ynogh, and thenne serue hit forthe.

Translation: Cameline sauce. Take white bread and cut it; and take vinager and wine, and seep the bread in it. Then put it through a strainer and add cinnamon, and draw it two or three times until it is smooth; and then take powdered ginger, sugar, and powdered cloves and put those in with a little saffron and then when it is thick enough, serve forth.

14th Century French version

155. Cameline: To Make Cameline Sauce. Grind ginger, a great deal of cinnamon, cloves, grains of paradise, mace, and if you wish, long pepper; strain bread that has been moistened in vinegar, strain everything together and salt as necessary

My version:

1/2 cup breadcrumbs
1/3 cup red wine vinegar
1/3 cup red wine
1 tablespoon cinnamon
1 whole long pepper
about 3 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon ginger (probably more)
1/2 teaspoons cloves
1 pinch of safforn

I used the good ole very medieval blender (it's a nutra bullet) to mix this all up and then heated it up until it had the consistency of apple sauce.

How was it? I am so glad I made a ton of the cameline sauce because it is delicious! The salmon is just a sauce conveyer. ;-)


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