Sunday, May 8, 2016

BANANA! Early 16th Century Venetian Dress

I was originally going to call this the Strawberry Lemonade dress because it's lemony yellow with pink sleeves but then I watched Minions while sewing the eyelets...and I really want an indigo dyed linen apron to go with this now.

The dress is done in the early 16th C Venetian style a la:

 photo bellini1496maid.jpg photo carpstud1.jpg

I love this style. It's pretty, it's simple, and it's the sports bra of the Renaissance. I can still eat, move, bend like normal but I am in full period garb.  The dress is out of yellow linen (it's a very period appropriate color.  Think saffron.) and the sleeves are pink wool lined in gray linen.  The sleeves are hand sewn but the dress is a mix.  The skirt panels are machine sewn but I sewed them together by hand.  The bodice seams you can't see are machine sewn but the neckline is by hand.  I also gathered the skirt by hand because it's so much easier.

The dress is laced under the arms:

The back is slightly higher than the front.  It looks much higher and longer in the back bodice area than it really is.

I can't wait to wear this dress! It's part of my Pennsic wardrobe.


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