Sunday, June 5, 2016

Mostly Done Late 16th Century Italian Dress


1570's (?) Italian Peasant

1560's Italian

After figuring out how small I had originally cut the bodice for the green linen dress, I used the scrap to piece together another bodice. The trim lines hide a lot of the piecing pretty well. The dress is half machine sewn, half hand sewn. I still need to do the eyelets which is why it's only mostly done.

The last picture, the one of the close up front of the bodice, is the most true to color. It's a bright green but not neon. The purple is a true purple. I hope to wear the dress in a couple of weeks. I used the same mccalls pattern as last time but, this time, I made sure I measured each piece before cutting it out. The front is pieced under the outer trim and the back is pieced both directly in the back and under the arms. Luckily, piecing is period!


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