Monday, July 4, 2016

Pennsic Dresses!

I've now finished my 1500's orange linen Venetian.  I've posted about the 1570's green linen and I've also finished my own 1570's purple linen that is similar to my sister in laws.   These are the photos my brother took for me of each of the dresses.  Unfortunately, I didn't lace the purple linen one correctly and didn't realize it until I took the dress off.  It is the only one that is 100% hand sewn.  The other two are a mix of hand sewing and machine sewing.

The green one is really a linen cotton blend.  The purple is purple linen that I made into a bias tape to use as trim.  This dress was very pieced as I only had a little over three yards to deal with.

I'm not completely happy with the purple linen one - the back came out a bit wonky.   However, it fits and it is hand sewn.  Even the lining is linen.  

I know, I have my eyes closed in the first photo.  :-)  I love, love this style because it's so comfortable and easy to make.  The trim is one I've had in my stash for years.  This only took me a day to make - I machine sewed the seams for the sides of the bodice, the sides of the skirt, the hem of the skirt, and attaching the hand gathered skirt to the bodice.  The skirt was hand gathered, the neckline was whip stitched closed, and the trim was hand sewn on.  Of course, the inside of the bodice and the eyelets were hand sewn as well.  

Right now, I'm working on another Italian dress - 1490's this time- which I hope to share by the end of the week.  


  1. I love all those gowns, especially the orange!

    1. Thanks! The green and the orange were both fun to wear. The purple needs a few minor improvements.