Thursday, February 23, 2012

Alcohol and Lent

So, some fun this morning.  I came across a book called Beer in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. It looks like it's going to be a GREAT help and it already has been. I was concerned since - in the modern era- we have plenty of stuff to drink when alcohol is forbidden. There's any variety of sodas, milk, juices, tea, coffee, ect. However, in the 16th C it was tea, water, hot chocolate (towards the end of the 16th C), wine, beer, and a whole bunch more alcohol. If you couldn't afford/get tea and alcohol isn't to be consumed during Lent, then what the heck did you drink? Water? For 40 days? Ick. (Yes, I know there are other medieval drinks out there that are not alcoholic but wine and beer were the drinks of choice.) Turns out, not so. Although hard alcohol was forbidden, wine with dinner or beer was perfectly acceptable. Yay! :-) I'm not a big fan of beer but wine is good. The main issue for me was I kept coming across recipes that looked delicious and very good for lent except they called for wine. Cooking wine is different and most of the alcohol should burn off but I wasn't sure if it was allowed or not even given all of that. Turns out, it is. :-) Now, to figure out what I want for dinner for the next few days before heading over to the Amish Market. Yes, I know - I'm spoiled by that place. My actual grocery store isn't much better since that's where they have the almond milk, almond butter, and a bunch of other things to eat. Oh! Ginsie got a bit of the rice, carrots, and raisins last night (the bit I gave her didn't have raisins). She loved it. Those of you that know the pup know she's spoiled she'll only eat certain things. I have to put chicken broth on her food to get her to eat it. Silly puppy. The only reason she got some of it was because it's VERY filling and I couldn't finish what I had on my plate last night. The recipe was based on a few period ones; Recipe for rice from the 15th Century, Recipe for rice from the 14th Century, and I think this influenced the dish a lot.


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