Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Dinner

I didn't really have lunch. I munched on crystallized ginger and rosemary flatbread through most of the day. I didn't want a lot of dinner and the fish pie I was going to make - well, the salmon is frozen and I don't have pears which would be a problem. A fixable one but I didn't feel like going back out so...Apple Fritters! (And more fried mushrooms!)

I changed up the mushrooms a bit - I used a fresh chopped onion with the mushrooms, garlic powder, and regular salt (not onion salt). It was different but just as good. The onions caramelized and were fabulous with the mushrooms.

For the apple fritters, I combined two period recipes. I had everything for the batter in this recipe but I can't eat currents (I'm allergic to pretty much everything in the berry family. Thank goodness Strawberries are in the rosa family!) and I'm not fond of figs. However, I have apples! Just like this recipe but I don't have safforn until tomorrow (Mom got me some! Thanks Mom!)so....

Use the batter from the first recipe and cut up apples instead!

For the batter:

1 cup of almond milk
1 cup of flour

Mix it together. Peel the apples (2) and cut them into thin slices. Once you have a nice thick batter, coat the apple slices. Heat up a pretty thick amount of olive oil in a frying pan. Enough to cover any slice almost half way. Cook the apple slices covered in batter about five minutes, each side on medium high heat. Basically, the batter will turn a nice brown. If you don't cook them well enough it will taste doughy (I screwed up the first batch).

Sprinkle a good amount of powder sugar on the fritters once they've been cooked both size and taken out of the pan. They are so yummy!:-)


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