Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunday and Monday Morning

Sunday is a day of celebration in Lent. In the 16th Century, you still couldn't eat meat but it looks like a small amount of butter might have been allowed (or at least, a blind eye was turned) and you ate whatever else you pleased. I ended up only eating fish and chips at Lunch and a vegan chocolate chip cookie in the evening. I just wasn't hungry! The fish and chips was good but I couldn't finish it all. My brother teased me about it since he went out to lunch with me.

The vegan chocolate chip cookie was because they are really good and I can't have solid chocolate the rest of the week. Yeah, they don't have milk or eggs but they do have chocolate chips which weren't invented until much later.

This morning, I decided on some rye bread with just oil and herbs. Oh, and orange juice! Which probably sounds like an odd combo but I love orange juice in the morning. And I wanted something yummy for breakfast that wasn't jam so I ended up with a bit of olive oil, oregano, basil, garlic powder, and onion salt all mixed together. I'll probably go back to jam tomorrow. For lunch, it's roasted almonds and apples and dinner is probably going to be a fish pie - unless I decide apple pie looks better. ;-)


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