Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lenten Foods!

I know, y'all are probably reading this think "What the heck?" :-) I'm really having a ton of fun researching all the lenten foods. I mean you can eat Apple Pie as a Lenten dinner!

225. To make a good tart with roasted apples. Peel the apples and cut them into four pieces, cut out the cores, and put them in pot, which should be well covered, and let them stew in the pot. One should watch them frequently, so that they do not scorch. Afterwards spread them on the pastry shell, which should be made of good flour, and put a half pound of sugar and a half ounce of finely ground cinnamon therein.

Don't think that it's really a Lenten dish? Well, there are several recipes for fritters! Including yummy Apple Fritters:

Apple fritters for lent.
Take apples and peel them, then cut in the way of the host (thin circular slices). Make a batter of flour with saffron (and presumably water), and add currants, and put the apples in this batter; then fry them in sufficient oil for each. Powder with sugar when they are cooked, etc.

There is also this recipe for fritters:(The recipe is also available here)

Frutowr for Lentyn. Recipe flour & almondes mylk, & temper þam togyder; þan take fyges & rasyns of corance & fry þam with þe batour with oyle & tyrne þis & serof.


Fritter for Lent. Recipe: flour & almond milk, & temper them together; then take figs & raisins of Corinth & fry them with the batter with oil & turn this & serve.

Or maybe you like a nice Flan?

Flans for Lent. Gather good flour and make paste, and take good almond milk and rice flour or starch and boil them together until they are well laden; and when it is boiled thick take it up and lay it on a foot board until it is cold; and when the coffins are ready, take a part and put it in the coffins and carve them in slices, and put them in good almond milk, and figs and dates, in 4 parts. Then bake it; serve it forth

And, according to this source, fish balls instead of fish sticks are totally period:

Sauterys in Lent Ground salmon mixed with fried slivers of pastry, made
into balls, dipped in a light batter and fried.


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