Friday, September 27, 2013

1920's Brassiere

Page 171 if you do a click through

See the brassiere on the left hand side, the second one down? That's the one I ended up making. It's a bit small length wise but fits *perfectly* width wise, which is what matters.

Me in my pj's still. :-) I wanted the photo to be somewhat decent and non scandalous even if it is a post about a bra.

The idea of cup sizes didn't come about until the 1930's. Before that, this is what our grandma's (and great grandma's) wore. Honestly, it's comfortable. It fits sort of like a modern sports bra. The pattern is very basic - typical non darted bodice back with attached straps, a curvy rectangle (the left and right edges are oval shaped) for the front, a small piece of elastic, and some antique lace I had lying around to make it pretty. It laces up the back (makes it easier to adjust) and fits pretty well. I gathered the front piece to the elastic, and then sewed the front piece into the back pieces (the back pieces are doubled for added strength). Add the bit of lace and then sew down the straps. Very simple but gives a proper 1920's look. :-)


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