Friday, September 27, 2013

1920's Gown!

More picture Sunday, hopefully, but here's my 1920's gown!   The rusty burgundy (it's not orange like in the photo), underdress is based on this pattern:

No 4257 McCall Printed Pattern - Ladies & Misses Dance Frock - 1920's Vintage Sewing Pattern

The big differences being that a) I didn't dag the back, I made it straight and gathered the back skirt to the back bodice and b)I didn't add the bow. Really, the dress looks like it would be really cute by itself if I just made the skirt gathered all the way around and not have the a-line thing going on in the front. Still, I got a really good pattern from the above photo (I measured, cut it out to my measurements based on the lines in the photo, put it on the dress dummy and "fixed" the pattern slightly so it would fit me).

The overdress is a silk net duppatta that I was told was green but is really a gold/green color. Perfect for fall - which is what I'm trying to go with with this dress - sort of a fall theme.

Originally, I wanted the overdress to be a tabbard style with crinkle gold organza bows at the sides.  However, the only gold organza I have lying around isn't the right color.  Since I'm trying to use stuff I already have or stuff I can get at the thrift store (the rusty burgundy silk underdress was once a pottery barn curtain.  I got it for $5 at the thrift store.) ordering more organza was out of the question.  Instead, I remembered gowns like this fabulous one by Boué Soeurs:

or for something more simple, like this one:

Okay, so that still isn't simple but both have gathered skirts at the sides. I left the actual sides open so you can see the gorgeous duppatta trim, but I also gathered the skirt, stitched up the bodice fits! I cut the neckline with a slight V at the front to show off the plain silk beneath the sheer net and offer some contrast. I think it ended up working well.

Now I have a full 1920's outfit! Yay!


  1. This is incredible!! I had to do a double take--at first I couldn't believe that your dress wasn't a 20's original!

    1. Aw! Thanks! It's a really fun gown to wear. I hope to get a few evening events later this summer to wear it again to.