Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hand Puppets


Not the best picture since I took it in the car but I did want to post about the hand puppets I made for my 3 year old nephew. From left to right we have the not so wicked witch, the gingerbread man, Gretel, and Hanzel. Gretel can double as Little Red Riding Hood as well. I had a bit too much fun with the not so wicked witch.

The puppet base is just felt. All the clothing, trim, and yarn were all "scraps". The yarn was that 5 or 6 yards you always have left over after making a scarf or a hat. The trim on the not so wicked witch and on Hanzel (his suspenders for his Lederhosen) were tiny pieces I cut off from other long forgotten projects. Every bit of the cloth is from other, older projects as well. The not so wicked witch's skirt is all pieces of old saris. Gretel's skirt is from the hem of one of my trouser's legs that I made too long. Even the Gingerbread man's buttons were in the button bag - I only bought the felt for the project.

He seemed to like them and I'm sure I'll hear stories of both the 3 year old and the 5 year old playing with the puppets soon enough.


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