Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hysterical History Bustled Petticoat

The Inspiration:
1870's Bustle Petticoat

Cotton Strawberry Shortcake fabric, Duct Ties, Cotton Twill Tape, Green ribbon.

More Info:

I needed a new bustle. I wanted to go with something 1870's since I'm supposed to be working my 1860's corset and ladies still were wearing their 1860's corsets with the new bustle styles well into the 1870's. (Ie, I wouldn't have to make a new corset for the Bustle Era just to wear bustle dresses) My old bustle was a pillow with a waist tie...which worked but I love the look of the bustle petticoats. Since no one will see the petticoat with whatever dress I'm wearing, why not have a bit of fun with it? I'm not part of a stringent bustle era re-enacting group and I love Strawberry Shortcake.

I bought 3 yards of Strawberry Shortcake fabric and still have enough to make a corset. The back was about 51" before I pleated the channels for the boning. It's roughly 40" long after the channels were sewn. It's really just a big rectangle with pleats - the top pleat being slightly curved. It's also about 22" wide. The front is just a trapezoid, 41" long, with gores on either side of it from the 41" long rectangle I cut them out of. I added twill tape at each of the pleats in the back. The waistband is yet another rectangle with the bustle petticoat gathered to it.  To better explain, here is a picture of the pattern.

It's not a complicated pattern and it only takes an hour to put together. Assuming you sew the twill tapes to the inside and not to the outside accidentally... Luckily, I had only finished one seam and managed to rip it all out and turn the tapes so they faced out, not in.


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