Sunday, November 6, 2016

Commercial Sounding Post! Rocksbox is awesome!

I hate sounding like a infomercial and I know I've told a few of you about this already - Rocksbox.  Rocksbox is a neat little company I saw on pinterest that looked interesting. I only signed up a couple of months ago and I LOVE it. It's the netflix of jewelery. You tell rocksbox what your personal style is and they send you three pieces or jewelery every month. ...Did I mention this will sound like an infomercial?

It's $19 a month which is a bit $$$ when I'm used to spending that on a piece of jewelery or two. However, I also hate buying a piece, getting bored of it after a few days or not wearing it for months. This allows me to rent pieces that I like (you have a wish list that gets saved) without storing it. I can live with that. If you do like the piece (I LOVE the earrings I got in my box first box), you can buy them at a discounted rate. They also have sales on a lot of the jewelry and the second piece I bought from them I wore recently to a costume dinner.

As for shipping - they give you a return label, a reuseable mailing bag, a box, and velvet bags for the jewelry. Shipping back is easy - just like netflix used to be. :-D

This is my third box and it's great!

I'm in love with the pink necklace - I plan on wearing it on Tuesday all day. I probably will wear the dainty pink and gold dangling earrings tomorrow. Today, I wore this piece from the box:

A lovely pair of crescent shaped earrings!

If anyone wants to sign up and wants a free month, use code ElizabethCBFF29.  I've been getting great costume jewelry each month and the nice thing is I can just send it back after wearing it for a couple of weeks.  The stylists also happily take your wish list into consideration and you can mention specific pieces if you have something coming up.  They can't guarantee anything, but I've been pretty happy so far.


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