Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Historical Fortnightly #5: Peasants & Pioneers

I was going to do the lovely Fruit seller dress from the late 16th C but I had to work on 18th C gowns for a dinner instead.

Since I didn't have the time I needed to do the Fruit Seller dress, I went with something far more simple and basic that I always need - sleeves and an apron.

An apron and basic trapezoid shaped sleeves are used before, during, and after the 16th Century - which was my main timeframe. You can see the basic sleeves and a white apron in this painting from 1491:
 photo gozzoli1491kopi.jpg

A similar type sleeve in yellow from 1548:
 photo sustris1548venusamsterdam.jpg

Late 16th Century example of an apron and tie on sleeves:
Pietro Ronzelli: Nativita di Maria, Chiesa del Carmine, Bergamo

Basically, a pair of tie on sleeves and an apron were a common part of peasant dress.

I used coral pink colored linen that was nothing more than large scraps in my scrap pile. I think the rest of the fabric is an 18th C petticoat somewhere in my closet. I had just enough fabric to eek out an apron, apron strings, and two sleeves. I did have to piece the sleeves and the apron strings but piecing is very period.

I used a sewing machine due to time constants but overall cut and the fabric is historically accurate for the 16th C.

apron & sleeves

The color is not that orange - it's a lovely coral pink but my phone refused to take the picture without making it look either washed out or very bright. I'll probably wear these are Pennsic this summer.


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