Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Last Full Day of Lent!

I am so excited! Yes, there are still some restrictions until Easter morning but, for the most part, today is the very last day of the Medieval Lent! Yay! Tomorrow's evening meal will so be way too much black eyed peas with BACON and possibly some French fries on the side. I don't care if I won't be able to eat it until 9 pm (I have to work late tomorrow....maybe start with a candy bar? Hmm....) I want food.

Not that I didn't learn from this medieval lent again. First off, living off of nuts, raisins, and bread with herbs as some of the Saints are said to have done during the middle ages is a bit bland but it's not impossible. Raisins and walnuts together make an awesome snack. Second, honey is perfectly fine for Lent. Yay! Third, hummus - or, rather- something hummus like is also period for Italy.

I wasn't as good about keeping a daily diary of my food this time around because it was rather boring. The reason it was boring is because I had way too much to do! I didn't have time to cook constantly so...I had to make up reasonably period foods for on the go.

I only messed up a couple of times. I said at the start of this one that I probably wouldn't hold myself to the Lenten diet on Saturdays due to events and that's sort of what happened. And then I did have soy cream with crushed chocolate chip cookies on Monday because I was preparing for summer in the hopes that all the snow would refreeze and we'd get a couple hour delay for work but no such luck. Oh well! However, that was it. The rest of the time I ate a lot of bread, a lot of raisins, walnuts, almonds, olives, and pickles. I did have fish a couple of times and rice but I really haven't had the time to cook more than the bread each week. I'd cook tonight but I need to go to class!

Today will be more of the same. Maybe some bread and strawberry jam. I can't have peanut butter until Friday. Gah!


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