Monday, May 6, 2013

Checkered Wool Regency Dress

I'm the one down in front with the purple ribbon in my pink and black hair. The dress is an Apron Front Regency styled dress. It's handsewn with cotton thread. The lining is cotton and the dress itself is 100% checked blue wool. I bought the wool at the sale and it is stunning stuff. It moves wonderfully and plays nicely.

Side view of the dress. I did long sleeves since this was originally meant to be a fall dress. However, it works wonderfully for Spring as well!

Ignore the odd wrinkles at the shoulders - that's from wearing the improper chemise and not having the apron front tight enough in the front. Simple issues that I'll fix next wearing. :-) The back of the dress is very full. I probably could have added even more fabric but I was going for an every day somewhat rustic look.

I'll post more pictures when I can finally transfer them from my camera to my computer in a couple of weeks. Thank you to Gloria for taking such wonderful pictures!


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