Friday, June 14, 2013

Potato Salad!

I love potato salad but I've never made it for myself. So, I looked up a lot of recipes and figured out the basics. I had a bag of multi colored potatoes and boiled them for a half hour because my stove is an evil contraption that does not listen. Once they were finally cooked well enough, I put them into a container, cut them up, and started on the eggs. The big thing I learned about potato salad is do not use too much mayo. I did and it tastes okay but I did over do it.

So, Isabella's Potato Salad:

1 small sack of the multicolored potatoes, chopped
3 eggs, chopped
1/3 cup of mustard
2/3 cup of mayo
3 dill pickle spears, chopped
Salt and Pepper
a few pinches of paprika

It could have used celery as well but I didn't have that on hand. As I keep eating it, I realize that I miss the celery. Something to note for next time!

In other cooking news, I started my new starter finally! I think I started it this past Sunday. It's been bubbly the past couple of days which is awesome. I'm going to use it to make some bread in a couple of weeks. I'm entering into an SCA A&S competition regarding religious practices and how they impacted daily lives. Lent very much impacted daily life! I'm thinking of entering some apple pie as well and have that be my entry. I don't want anything that will taste bad cold - apple pie doesn't- but I want something that explains how food was in the 16th C during lent as well.


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