Tuesday, June 11, 2013

So much to post, so little time!

I'm going to try and work backwards. I have a ton of projects I've been working on but just haven't had the time to post them.

Italian Dress 001

This is my 1560's Middle Class Italian dress. It's actually a remake of an earlier dress that died a horrible death. I unpicked the trim and reused it for this dress. Like the dead dress, this one is bright pink; however, this one is also a nice tight weave wool and not a loose weave linen. I also changed up how to lace it up in the front. The pink wool is just a cover over a linen and duck cloth bodice that I made many years earlier. The pink wool is hand sewn to the bodice, creating a nice cover.

Italian Dress 004

Not really the best side view, but you get a good idea of the trim placement. The trim is some deadstock from the 1970's (as you can see by the colors). However, I loved the look of it even if I wasn't thrilled with the colors. For fun, I decided to create the most hideous color combo I could for the 16th C and...it actually came out really well. The browns, mustard yellows, and oranges actually look good against the hot pink wool. Which is sad.

Italian Dress 008

The back of the dress. I hand tacked the trim down so it wouldn't curl.

Italian Dress 009

With the Dutch Cloak I made for the dead dress. Notice the mustard yellow woven trim on the hanging sleeves! :-)

Overall, I'm pretty happy with this dress. It fits, it feels nice on, and its mostly hand sewn. It is coming with me to Pennsic!


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