Monday, January 27, 2014

Lenten Cooking On My Mind

Although Lent is weeks away still (March 5th!), I've been thinking of all the things I desperately want to cook this year. With the multiple bags of apples for apple pie, apple porridge, and anything else I can think up (apple fritters!), this year should be far more interesting than last. Of course, it might not be possible to eat completely medieval this year because of travel but I can do it while I'm at home. (Telecommuting for the win!)

This week, I made a loaf of bread (above) from my new starter. The bread is a bit burnt - but only just. I probably had it in maybe five minutes to long. It's the same simple recipe I've been using. The starter which is nothing more than flour and water, local wildflower honey, Atlantic sea salt, water, flour, and my absolutely favorite olive oil. After mixing everything together, I let it sit overnight and it doubled in size. Woohoo! Then I put it in a bread pan this morning. When I got home, it was over flowing the pan. I put it in the oven and learned to use the bigger pan next time for this bread. It just kept rising! Luckily, none of it spilt, but it got close!

For this weekend, I'm entering another medieval baking competition. I'm making more bread, a proper lenten apple pie, and ...something else. I'm not sure yet. Maybe period correct cookies? It has to be something good cool as I doubt I'll have the ability to heat anything at the site. Maybe gingerbread? Or a period correct lenten cake? I want to keep to a Lent theme (so I can taste it and eat it too! Stupid dairy allergy..) but I want something that would have been okay cold.

Also for this weekend, I'm dragging the nephews, my sister in law, and my brother with me. They will be in plaid Scottish Norse (there were Norse in Scotland). It will make sense when you see them. My brother and I are descendents of Scots on our Dad's side. My Sister in law is descendent from random northern European countries for the most part. She looks very Norse and she'll happily tell you she's a Viking. :-)

I'm working on the outfits and I hope to get them done in time as well as all the cooking. Work has been...crazy! So we'll see. :-)


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