Monday, January 6, 2014

Regency Cross Over Gown remake!

Thank you to Gloria & Mike for the photo. My camera died a horrible death in the fall and I probably won't get a new one until February. Although the dress is quite wrinkled, you can get the color and the overall shape -this is far better than the original design.

I don't have pictures of the original - I tried to wear it to a party last year and took it off after maybe 20 minutes. I ended up running around in my petticoat and pelisse. I was much happier like that.

The problem was the sleeves. After taking this one apart, I realized how tight I had made them. I had to add a couple of inches to get the sleeves to fit - across the widest point at the sleeve head was only 16" on the original design. I need at least 18". Luckily, I had enough of the blue sari and the pink poly lining left to make new sleeves.

I also realized the back of the dress was completely wonky on the original. For some reason, the back pleat was not dead center like it should be. I think I was trying to show off the roses embroidered all over the sari and it ended up just making the pleats look a mess. Because of this, I had to take the skirt completely off and re-pleat it.

This material, a poly sari and poly pink satin, was not easy to work with at all. The only reason I used the poly was because I bought the sari thinking it was silk - until I yanked it out of the package. Since I already had it, I had to do something with it. The pallu of the sari had this fabulous embroidered edge that went down and around the hem of most of the sari. I ended up using that for the skirt. The bodice and sleeves are from the rest of the sari.

It's not the prettiest and certainly not the most correct Regency gown I've ever made, but I am pretty pleased with the way it came out.


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