Monday, September 15, 2014

Historical Sew Fortnightly '14: Yellow!

You need to have the video going while reading the rest. It's such the perfect mood setter for this challenge. :-)
The Challenge:  
Some sort of mixed fiber damask for the forepart, plain muslin for the parts that won't be seen beneath the Tudor Gown.
My own!
Thread, a hook and eye
How historically accurate is it?
Eh. The fabric design is actually *exactly* like a piece of 16th Century fabric I've seen in the MET (I think it was the Met...), however the fibers are a mix of cotton and man made somethings. The entire forepart skirt is machine sewn. However, since all anyone will see is the nice yellow forepart, it's passable but not H/A.
Hours to complete:
2 hours - mostly because I've VERY displeased that Courtney won on Masterchef - which I was watching while I cut this all out.
First worn:
Hopefully, in October when I finish the dress to go with it!
Total cost:
.... I honestly have no idea. The yellow has been in my stash for ages. I've been hoarding it until I feel comfortable enough to attempt this dress:

The dress itself is not accurate but for some reason, I love it. I love the movie, the dress, the acting - it's my favorite early Tudor era set movie. So, I need to make it. I'm starting with the forepart and figured, since the forepart is yellow/gold in color, it will work well for this challenge.

....just ignore that the dress dummy also happens to be wearing an Edwardian corset with a drapped mockup around it. I haven't finished the Edwardian yet and can't take it off the dummy.

More photos when I finish the dress to go with it. (Which will have the same fabric lining the sleeves as the forepart fabric!)


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